destinations Sri Lanka

Destinations in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is blessed with innumerable sights and destinations that one could enjoy. You can take a look at the best of those here. When we organise your holiday, we will ensure that we add them in so you could experience these yourselves.

Sri Lanka tours

Sri Lanka Tours

This is our specialty! This is what we love doing! We love helping you organise your dream Holiday! You can be sure that you will have a real rollicking time in Sri Lanka and go back home and talk about your awesome holiday and make everybody jealous!

Sri Lanka hotels

Sri Lanka Hotels

These are the hotels we work with. These properties are visited personally by us and we run a full check on each and every one. We only choose hotels that we would love staying in. For us to work with a hotel, there has to something really special about it!

Why AppleTree Holidays?

holidays Sri Lanka

We have established ourselves as one of Sri Lanka's leading luxury holidays companies and in keeping with our passion to share the places we know and love best, we are thrilled to help you with your next holiday to Sri Lanka. .

We have the experience, knowhow and contacts that are paramount for giving you the best possible Sri Lanka holidays and Sri Lanka tours. Our holidays and tours to Sri Lanka are professionally and expertly organized using our own transport and licensed chauffeur guides. Our consultants who are instrumental in arranging holidays in Sri Lanka, are lucky to live on this beautiful island and will provide you with unique insights into what the island has to offer. They will also advise you on your routes, hotels, approximate timings, sights and experiences and more enabling you to make the most of your time when on tour in Sri Lanka

A huge variety of holidays to Sri Lanka can be organised ranging from the very popular tour circuits to highly specialised Sri Lanka tours that need extensive advanced planning. Most of our clients are private individuals who have come to realise that time is their most precious asset when on holiday and they trust us to smoothen their planning process. This ensures that our clients they have the most rewarding and memorable holiday experience possible.

Why book with us:

Destination presence & Strong Rapport: Our team consists of talented, passionate, knowledgeable and well-connected individuals who have lived and travelled extensively in Sri Lanka and know it inside out.

Personally checked: We ensure that we personally visit every single hotel and location we recommend and provide you with first-hand information and opinions on them. We make it a point to not recommend hotels that are sub standard in any way. If you do still want a particular hotel, we will ensure that the hotels provide you with extra service to overcome that shortfall.

Contactable at all times: We personally answer phone calls (except when asleep!) and you will never be answered by a machine or be frustrated by multiple options. All our clients also receive our personal mobile numbers which they are welcome to use at anytime!

Reliability: 80% of our business is from repeat clients and friends they have recommended to us.

Select portfolio: We work with only a limited number of clients every year. We have been known to apologetically recommend other agents we feel are close to our levels of service when demand has gotten out of hand. We are small by choice as we pay individual attention to all our clients. That way we can look after you to the best of our ability and also enjoy the process as we go along.

Service passion: We make sure that we only use hotels and services we love. In fact if we feel that we are not happy ourselves, we will not recommend the place or service. You are assured of the best when you book with us. We love showing Sri Lanka off to all who visit!

Passionate staff: AppleTree Holidays is run by the most passionate of staff you might have ever come across. They pay personal attention to each and every booking as their passion is to be world class in everything they love to do. We all feel that we are far more passionate about travel than the usual agents and our very personalised service and a greater sense of accountability result in us providing the best possible service to you.

We absolutely love what we do: You will realize that travel is truly our passion when you get in touch with us for your holidays!

Holidays in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Tours can be organised from across the whole world with us. We specialise in arranging a huge variety of holidays in Sri Lanka, ranging from the very popular tour circuits to highly specialised Sri Lanka tours with extensive advanced planning. Holidays in Sri Lanka are usually categorized into Sri Lanka beach holidays, Sri Lanka Tours and Beach Holidays or Sri Lanka two Centre Holidays. Beach holidays in Sri Lanka are your thing if your primary need is to just relax by a tropical beach and not do much sightseeing. Tours and beach holidays in Sri Lanka are the ideal thing if you wish to relax with cultural experiences and enjoyment of the islands amazing landscapes and scenery. Sri Lanka Two Centre Holidays are better suited to those who want to cut down on travel and minimize journey times in the island.